So You Fell Off The Wagon…?

Lindsay Currie
3 min readOct 21, 2019

It happens to the best of us. We set goals for ourselves, and we start making the adjustments to our lives to achieve those goals. Everything is going great, we start seeing the progress that we want to see, and are steadily moving along like we’ll get to our end game in no time.

Next thing you know it seems everything had gone sideways. You realize that you haven’t been eating right, working out, putting money aside, being active in your business endeavors, journaling… whatever it is that you needed to do to work toward what your end goal is.

This tends to go one of 2 ways. The first, you decide that all is lost and give up on the idea of that goal for now. You tell yourself what’s the point, when you’ll never stick to it anyway (I know that’s the way that I’ve generally gone in the past). The second is that you pick yourself back up right where your at, and keep going toward your goal.

This happened to me recently in regard to my health goals, and let me tell you how it went. I had put my back out, so took a few days off from the gym. Immediately after I was traveling on business and the fitness room the hotel didn’t have much of anything. I could have worked with it, but used it as an excuse to take the week off. From there I just kept spiraling with excuses, and eating crappy food.

Next thing I know it’s a month and a half later. My mental health is the worst it’s been in a long time, depression and anxiety hitting me in full force. As a result, instead of just picking myself back up and moving forward, I had allowed the non-serving, negative self talk to start. Telling myself “what’s the point, I’ll never get there anyway”, that I’m worthless, that I could never keep up the good habits.

Journaling has become a big part of my daily routine, but when this was all going down I let it slip. So, once I listened and heard the negative language going on in my head I picked up my journal and started writing it out, and starting being more concious of the thoughts going through my mind.

And you know what? About a week after starting journaling again, and just becoming aware of the thoughts in my head I started to get back to it. Started making myself healthier meals, realized my body doesnt even want to snack near as much now, got myself back on schedule…

Lindsay Currie